Phyto OG —

You’ll know it when you smell it.

OG is one of LA’s most beloved strains, but it’s especially popular with the ‘80s and ‘90s kids who have been smoking since “Day One.”

Also known as King Louis XIII, this Indica-dominant strain originated from a rare cut of Los Angeles-based OG Kush crossed with LA Confidential that was bred for its potency and powerful aroma. OG requires the skills of a real master grower to produce it reliably — it’s not for the novice grower, and that’s OK. Phyto has been growing OG from the very beginning, and we do it well.

OG is known for its sticky, dense buds littered with trichomes and a lemon/diesel/kerosene fragrance that evokes the smell of a forest floor. Phyto OG flower has a pleasant, pungent taste that is similar to pine, and the dominant terpene is limonene.

Smoking Phyto OG evokes happy feelings and relaxation. It doesn’t tend to cater to the hipster crowd looking for the next best purple flower. It’s a distinctive, nostalgic high that will remind you of those hazy days before the rat race started, when you could spend all summer laid back and laughing with friends.

Like the people who love it, Phyto OG is bold and distinctive. You’ll recognize the OG smell from the moment you open the container and its familiar taste at first spark.

Hark back to your younger days with Phyto OG.