Est in Los Angeles 2014

Cultivators of the
OG LA strain

If you love smoking cannabis,
you will love OG.

Those who know and love Phyto OG know the value of a great product. They’re LA originals. Authentic. Looking for quality and depth in their flower. No fads, no thrills, no empty promises. It’s the OG experience that’s 15 years in the making. 

Phyto is an LA wholesale flower cultivator with deep roots in the LA community and San Fernando Valley. Through years of careful trial and error, we have perfected the best possible cannabis strain — Phyto OG, aka Louis XIII.

And that’s why we’re still growing the same strain we’ve always grown. For years, our Indica-dominant OG has only been available through a handful of carefully curated distributors under other California brand labels.

Until now.


of a plant; relating to plants.

The meaning of Phyto

Original ≠ ordinary. And in our case, it’s anything but.

Phyto is from the Greek words phuton and phuein, meaning “plant” and “come into being”. For us, there is no better salute to the plant than sheer dedication, continued innovation and authenticity in the industry.

In a world that celebrates choices and consumerism, often at the expense of authenticity and quality, we’ve stayed true to our roots…and our strain.

Cannabis so good, why deviate?

Phyto is a company of master growers. We’ve dedicated our lives to perfecting the taste, aroma and high of the original strain, designed specifically with OG LA smokers in mind.

While other brands are experimenting with new strains each grow cycle, we have been steadfast in our pursuit of perfection. It’s still the OG cannabis strain more than 15 years in the making that gets us excited. The OG high. The OG experience. The OG — it takes one to know one.

Ask your local shop to stock Phyto OG.

For Distributors

Our flower is already trusted by reputable manufacturers and distributors throughout California. Now we’re ready for the spotlight.

Phyto combines decades of cannabis cultivation and greenhouse operational expertise with consistent, reliant fulfillment to the highest of standards. Our 5,000-square-foot artisanal facility produces high yields for its size every harvest without compromising on the quality. Our indoor cultivation facility is run by a team of veteran growers practicing pesticide-free and organic farming methods.

Phyto OG branded flower and pre-rolls, as well as bulk cannabis for white-labeling and manufacturing, are available now for distribution.

You got great taste.
It’s OK to brag.

Show off your impeccable taste and appreciation for the industry’s roots with signature Phyto Buds. Express yourself and join the fam. Custom T-shirts, stickers and products that invoke the spirit of the Phyto brand with a little bit of that old-school Louis XIII swagger.

It’s genuine LA flower in the 21st century.